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Eod Robot

This unique Remotely Operated Vehicle is currently being widely deployed by military, law enforcement and security agencies around the world. The Sentinel is a heavy duty, reliable and robust EOD robot with applications extending to CBRN.

Product Capability

  • Easily controlled through a briefcase-style base station and TFT display
  • Portable hand controller allowing full electric actuator control
  • High versatility; Sentinel’s six independent wheel motors can handle the most difficult terrains
  • Manipulator arm has a lifting capacity of 75kgs retracted and 30kgs extended
  • Extensive manoeuvrability allows Sentinel to climb 35 degree inclines
  • Adapted for rough terrains including; road, sand, marsh and rock
  • Extended radio range of up to 1km in a built-up area and line of sight is >2km
  • Arm offers 2.4m vertical reach and 1.2m horizontal reach with various speed control
  • Spot light feature allows detailed, close range observation
  • Proportional joystick control guarantees precise operation

Product Specifications

  • Stow Dimensions:  length: 1.55m, depth: 0.72m, width: 1m, weight: 270kg
  • 2.4m vertical arm reach
  • 6 motor electric drive
  • Four firing terminals
  • Radio and fibre optic control
  • Up to 4 cameras/video channels
  • Speed: Max 5mph


Click here to download the Sentinel datasheet